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The didgeridoo (dij-eri-doo or dijery-doo) is a wind instrument from the Northern-Territory of Australia.  It is an instrument that it is not just for music, but also an opportunity to see. It is a chance to connect with reality in the purest sense. Just like children starring into the world with absolute awe and reverence, the didgeridoo is a tool that teaches you to fall in love in the same manner by connecting your breath to any pattern. If the pattern is a pecan leaf, the lines are waiting to be noticed and be sung about. If a local creek is flowing over rocks, turning corners as it searches for the river, your breath and tongue too can follow it like a shadow.

The didgeridoo is an instrument that teaches you the first language you were born with, energy. If there is movement, your breath can become synonymous with it and become one. Try it! Go outside and see which direction the clouds are moving. They are full of hope and life. When they gather for a thunder ceremony, they cry out of trance and pour fresh water onto the land below. Then the land becomes green and full of life with more fish, more plants, and more medicine.

Once you feel the wind passing by, pay attention to how the trees are dancing. They will guide you like flags dancing and pointing directions. Once you connect with this event, create a rhythm directly from this experience using your hands. Too complicated? Let’s make it simple! For example, watch how a friend or relative’s feet move uniquely as they walk. Use your hand and fingers to tap to their feet and get the rhythm. Got it? Now clap your hands and breathe to this new rhythm fresh from your senses. When you feel confident with the rhythm, breathe with it. This is didgeridoo, a chance to have fun breathing rhythmically to anything and sharing it. This is the language of nature and you were born with it. This is just a change to remember the how, and what. This is the gift of this simple and sacred instrument. The didgeridoo can remind you how to speak and share stories straight from your personal experience with your world that is rich with patterns and depth.

The Yolngu from Arnhemland Australia (Northern-East Territory) people are one of the custodians of this instrument that have been using and fostering its ways for many generations to connect to their land and people. They hold one of the oldest and richest roots of human culture that has harmoniously respected and lived with nature which is both loving and harsh. There are more poisonous creatures there in the Arnhemland area than most places on Earth, yet Yolngu people live in pure celebration with it all.  Their ancestors have made songs, dances, and paintings for every single element of the land and have passed it down heart to heart for hundreds of generations. They are professors of the highest schools of thought and heart and are in much need of respect and gratitude for keeping the sacred cultural baton alive and moving forth, granting us ways of living in-tune with our sacred Mother Earth.  Much Respect to Them!!! <3