Dis-ease happens when one becomes out-of-tune with life.  Life is always thriving! We all have experienced a part of us that has been cut and bleeding.  Like when a finger is cut for example; without doing anything, without thinking, without logic and intellect, it heals itself.  Life is always moving to the states of balance.  When a part of us becomes out-of-balance, we must learn to be open to seek whatever is needed to regain it.  We can choose to get up and go for an adventure to experience this treasure hunt that leads us to see clearly and to remember what it is needed to empower life to do its thing.

This is where healing instruments like the Didgeridoo come in. The didgeridoo can be used for healing.  It creates layers of harmonics that resonate with Earth frequencies.  The rainbow-sounds that are produced can be made rhythmically with appropriate healing intentions.  If the the rhythms are obtained from a place of pure awareness straight out of nature and played properly, the right energy can be evoked to push the body, mind, and spirit in becoming in-tune with whatever is needed for regaining health.  It can trigger clarity through disturbed and dirtied waters of one’s being so that a path can be seen.  Such paths can send you to adventures of a lifetime.

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