The didgeridoo is a language, like talking.  What you choose to say, what story you tell, how to connect to it, and how to tell the story are valuable skills for you to learn. The didgeridoo makes rich colorful sounds.  The basic drone sound without any training that this ancient instrument makes is enough by itself.

Traditional Yidaki Workshop
Life sent me to Northern Territory Arenhemland where the Didgeridoo / Yidaki comes from. The Yolngu people are like family to me and I have visited them 4 times.  I went there to follow my love for this instrument that hypnotized my soul. I was adopted by a Yolngu elder who has been given the responsibility of the uses, education, and wisdom of the Yidaki for all the people. His name is Djalu Gurruwiwi. He holds the cultural baton of this sacred instrument that is connected to the energetic patterns of the land and has devoted his life to sharing it with those passionate ones so that respect for the land and all her teachings can remain strong and healthy.  I have learned the traditional ways of the Yidaki, and have permission to share the roots of it with you.  Not only do I play Yidaki, but I also use multimedia to strengthen my playing.  I draw, paint, and dance patterns from the land in the same way as Yolngu, and have made it my own.  Money can’t save culture, rather one can learn it and use it in daily life; and this is what I have done, and this is what I want to give to you.

Workshop Itinerary:
The workshop will be divided in three sections:

An introductory talk about the roots of the Yidaki will be shared.  I will tell stories of how the Yidaki is used to connect to the land and people.  There are many stories… The stories will help point direction to your own freedom with playing the traditional style of Yidaki.

How to see
Students will learn methods to connecting with patterns. Language is the shadow of how you see, so I will teach ways of seeing so that your playing is strengthened and sharpened.

How to talk
The traditional Yolngu style of playing the Yidaki is very different from the rest.  The tongue movement, breathing, and vocables are all unique.  I will walk you through learning the very basic to the advanced.   I will make sure to plan the seed in you deep so that with practice and love the tree grows to fruiting with time. I will connect it to art, and dance as well.  What I will not teach you is how to make noise.  I will teach you how to see and talk through the Yidaki.

Thank you for this opportunity to share!
Omid Aski Laridjani :: Larrpan Gurruwiwi